Small Works on Paper
Two Broken Feet  
(9 images)
(17 images)
Unfinished Suicide II 5x7
Unfinished Suicides  
(20 images)
Made in Berlin - red journal  
(14 images)
Made in Berlin - calendar  
(5 images)
Made in Berlin - black journal  
(6 images)
Three Virgins, Three Wives  
(6 images)
For two unborn, mixed media, 30x17
(5 images)
Large Drawings
Large Drawing  
(29 images)
Domestic Installations
New World (Dis)Order: a question of identity  
(4 images)
The Wife in Exile  
(8 images)
Secret Notes to Middle Europe  
(7 images)
Memoirs of an Average Woman  
(3 images)
Altar in a Girl's Room  
(9 images)
Early Large Works
Painting & Constructions  
(16 images)
Book Pages
Book Pages  
(12 images)
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